VIPLANO – Gabinete de Engenharia, Arquitectura e Estudos Económicos Lda

Head office : Rua Gregório Lopes LT 1638-11 º ESQ – Restelo, 1400-407 Lisboa, Portugal

NIF : 501 504 184



  • Its purpose is the activity of architecture, civil engineering and other engineering specialties, planning, coordination, direction and supervision of works and economic studies, in Portugal and/or abroad.
  • Real estate development, coordination, planning, management and/or operation of own or third-party housing developments, including housing, commerce, tourism, leisure and industrial, parking lots or other related facilities, including their commercialization, namely operation, sale, rental and transfer of the same, national or foreign, in Portugal and/or abroad.
  • Marketing, representation and dissemination of products and/or companies in the construction and commerce sector and the like, national or foreign, in Portugal and/or abroad.
  • Professional training courses of all types and trades, including their dissemination, intermediation and organization with or without partnerships with related companies, national or foreign, including the use of digital channels and the internet, in Portugal and/or abroad.
  • Marketing of tourist and leisure products, with or without partnerships with national and foreign companies and dissemination, promotion and installation of national or foreign students in Portuguese and/or foreign universities.
  • Provision of all types of services in the Internet area and publishing, editing and sale of publications and books in paper and digital media, namely via the Internet, in Portugal and/or abroad.


Vítor Coelho da Silva – Gerente

Eng. Civil nº 13934 – Ordem dos Engenheiros de Portugal

Lisboa 01-11-2023